Below are the main frequently asked questions and answers about the E-play24 affiliate program. Feel free to contact us should your query not be answered within this list of questions.


What is an affiliate program? An Affiliate Program is a partnership between a merchant and webmaster whereby the merchant pays a percentage of revenues generated by players introduced by the webmaster usually through banner ads or buttons which the webmaster places on his own website. places on his own website.
What does it mean to become an Affiliate? Whether or not you have a website you can become an Affiliate. All you need to do is open an account with our affiliate program and create a link using one of our banners/text links from the partner brand of your choice. You will then start making a profit from the visitors you refer to us from your links.
How do I go about joining the Program? As soon as you sign up, you will receive an email confirmation with your account details. You can then go to www.e-play24.com and log in with your username and password. Once logged in you can immediately access our banner farm in the ‘Marketing Tools’ section where you can pick and choose what you require in order to start promoting our brands. When you are logged in, you can also view your statistics at any time. We also offer dedicated account manager support for any assistance you might need.
How does the “E-play24” Affiliate Program work? When a visitor to your site clicks the link or banner that you have taken from our affiliate program, the visitor will go to one of our partner sites. If this visitors registers, deposits and start playing, then you will earn commissions from that players’ activity for as long as he/she plays at the site. Every time the player makes a deposit and play you are making money from their losses.
Will it cost anything to join? The E-play24 Affiliate Program is free to join. There are no set up or retainer fees involved. We work hand in hand with our partners for our mutual benefit
Can I engage in a partnership with more than one of your partner sites? You may promote our brands on as many sites as you want and tie different affiliate accounts to different companies that you may own.
Is it possible to join the partner program offline? We do offer partnership possibilities with offline partners so please do not hesitate to contact us. For the time being, the E-play24 program is internet based so registration needs to be completed online.
Do you offer a sub affiliate program? A Sub Affiliate is an affiliate referred by another affiliate. . The sub affiliate would have signed up through a sub affiliate link (salesman code) and you will be his registered parent affiliate in the tracking system. As your sub affiliates begin to recruit players you will earn additional revenues on your sub affiliate’s rewards. In the email confirming your account details, you should also find your salesman code which you can put into the webmasters / affiliate section of your site if you want to refer and track sub-affiliates. These tracking links are also viewable in the banner settings section of the E-play24 affiliate program website. The E-play24 affiliate system enables multi level marketing facilities which means you can easily build a multi tiered sub affiliate network with you as the parent affiliate. Contact us via email affiliates@e-play24.com for more details on sub affiliate agreements and commission details

Getting Started

How do I start promoting the E-play 24 brands? We offer a detailed explanation on how to start promoting our brands and instructions on obtaining marketing tools by clicking on this link. If you need further explanation do not hesitate to contact us on affiliates@e-play24.com

Commission Details

What percentage of the earnings will I get? E-play24 offers exceptionally competitive commission structures of 25% to an amazing 40%. Different deals should be discussed with your affiliate manager on affiliates@e-play24.com
How do I know how much I have earned? In order to check your earnings, you need to log into your account and click on ‘Monthly Earnings’ to see an overview of what you are earning each month.
For how long will I be paid for a player? We pay affiliates for their referrals on a lifetime basis, as long as they are playing. Since these players are effectively tracked to your account, we will keep paying you for their losses whenever they play.
How am I guaranteed payment for your banners on my site? As soon as a player clicks on your affiliate link, he/she is tracked effectively by us to your account and any activity generated by this player will reflect in your reporting and payments if applicable.


What are the available payment methods for affiliates? The current payment options available to affiliates are either via bank transfer, Skrill/Moneybookers or else transfer to player account.
When do I get my commission paid out? Affiliate commission payments are processed by the 15th of the following month.

Reporting & Statistics

How often are the statistics updated? All our statistics are in real time so you can check your performance any time
Where do I find my statistics? Once you have created your Account and log in, you will find your reports and statistics in the menus ‘Traffic Stats’ and ‘Monthly Earnings’.
What type of statistics am I able to view? The E-play 24 affiliate program offers you 2 menus for reporting purposes. These are ‘Traffic Statistics’ and ‘Monthly Earnings’
Traffic Statistics
You are able to view detailed activity reports by clicking on the menu ‘Traffic Statistics’. There you can choose to view your data reported by Brand, Product, Player, Period, Sub Affiliate and then you can have the same statistics sorted by activity criteria like Casino Net gaming, Player Losses, Deposits etc. These reports can be viewed directly on screen or else export to CSV.
Monthly Earnings
You are able to view details of your affiliate commissions by clicking on the menu ‘Monthly Earnings’. There you can see how much commission you are earning each month by promoting our brands


Where will I find the necessary support? E-play24 offers outstanding support from dedicated and experienced affiliate managers which can offer you assistance for any queries you might have in using our affiliate program, any issues regarding your players and even marketing / industry related tips.
E-Play24 Affiliate System
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