Commission Calculation Sample Data

$25,000- Players' Losses

$12,000- Winnings

$500- Bonuses

$100- Processing Charges

$40- Chargebacks

$12,360= Net Gaming

$4,32635% Net Revenue (Your Commission)

Getting Started

Here are a few tips to successfully get you started as an affiliate at E-play24.

1. Registering an affiliate account

You need to register an affiliate account in order to become an E-play24 affiliate.
  • Go to
  • Click on the homepage button ‘ Start Earning Now’
  • Carefully fill in your details and click ‘Sign Up’ once you are done
  • You will then receive an email confirming your account details

2. Obtaining Marketing Tools

Here you will find a selection of banners, text links, reviews etc to assist you in promoting our brands on your website. This is how to do it :Below are some basic instructions on how to obtain these tools :
  • Log into your affiliate account
  • Go to the section ‘Marketing Tools’
  • Choose the brand you want to promote, then choose the type of marketing material you want (eg: banners) as well as the language and size required (if applicable). Carefully copy the HTML code found underneath the banner to your site to ensure correct tracking

If you require co-branded marketing materials, please email us on

3. Sub Affiliate Possibilities

In the email confirming your account details, you should also find your salesman code which you can put into the webmasters / affiliate section of your site if you want to refer and track sub-affiliates. These tracking links are also viewable in the banner settings section of the E-play24 affiliate program website.

4. Creating Profiles

Create your own profiles. This will help you to better organize and focus your advertising.
  • Go to the section ‘ Banner settings’
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Create your own profile’ to be able to add new profiles to your affiliate account.

5. Monitor the performance of your advertising

Traffic Statistics enable affiliates to analyze performance by viewing a variety of information generated by the affiliate´s players and potential players. Affiliates revenues and payments due are also accessed via the Traffic Stats menu. The information displayed on the affiliate site comes from the casino Admin. Both the casino Admin and ADV sites are synchronized with the database server at 6 minute intervals. The last successful update is displayed at the top of the Traffic Stats page.

6. Monitor your casino revenue and payment history

Keep an eye on how you are performing and discuss with us how you can improve!

7. Problems?

We offer a high level of dedicated affiliate manager service. Contact us on for any query you might have and if you require any assistance to sign up.
E-Play24 Affiliate System
For a Successful Business!